About Vicki Tynkaluk


Vicki’s passion for real estate began at an early age. At age 10, the local realtor gave her full credit for the sale of her family home following her educational and guided tour of the 10 acre horse farm located in King Township. She bought her first house in the Beaches area of Toronto at age 22.

Her enthusiasm for design had her complete her first major renovation, a 2-storey addition, at age 25. Vicki created the design and blueprints for this renovation herself and acted as general contractor on the project. After owning many houses and investing in several large renovation projects, Vicki has developed a remarkable ability to identify properties with unseen potential. All of this took place while working in the fast-paced financial industry, most of it in an arbitrage trading position, dealing with high profile New York investment firms. It was during those formative years that her customer service, math prowess, negotiating, and brazen comedic skills were honed. Decades of life and business experience have only amplified those skills.

Vicki’s entrepreneurial spirit has since guided her to the helm of several successful businesses. On-the-fly problem solving, negotiating, out of the box thinking, multi-tasking and offering exemplary customer service, a long-forgotten art, is second nature to Vicki. She is now proud to have joined forces with Gerardi Saccucci & Associates at Sotheby’s International Realty, a powerhouse team covering the GTA and cottage country.

Vicki lives by the waters of Georgian Bay in Balm Beach where every day is a vacation. Her family has a long history in the area, originally building a waterfront cottage there in the early 1940’s. Her spare time finds her playing in her organic vegetable and flower gardens, which sustain her plant-based lifestyle. In this part of the country, long walks on the beach and water activities are a year-round event. Vicki has 3 grown extraordinarily talented and successful children in the financial industry and the tech sector. Non-embarrassing paddle boarding is next on Vicki’s list. She has proven to be very adept at the wet and embarrassing version.

Vicki can be reached directly at vtynkaluk@sothebysrealty.ca | 416.420.3259

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