Susan and her team have a robust client track record that spans the city! Susan has a strong concentrated roster in Etobicoke where she was born and raised and is the area where she continues to grow their business with no plans to leave. The neighbourhood is comprised of charming residential tree lined streets coupled with up and coming cafes, shops and restaurants. “It is such an attractive area that has a strong pull. “Etobicoke is a hidden gem – it’s so close to downtown - just fifteen minutes from the city and ten minutes from the airport,” Susan smiles., “the wonderful thing about this community is that everyone one knows each other – there’s never more than six degrees of separation.”

Susan, recognizing the need to expand the offerings outside of the GTA, has teamed up with Vicki Tynkaluk, a Toronto native who relocated to Tiny Township over 10 years ago.

The fast-paced landscape of the Toronto real estate market can easily cause frustration for a lot of first time homebuyers. But according to Susan, patience is the key and most important aspect. It’s vital to weigh pros and cons and needs versus wants. Listening to our client is crucial to a building a fruitful relationship for both parties,” describes Susan.

Having someone you can trust can be hard to come by these days. But Susan, Vicki and their licensed assistants, all have each other’s back. “There’s never been a time where one of us can’t help the other to get the job done for our clients,” expresses Susan. Of course, working in one of the hottest real estate markets in the world can be a challenge. The best way to counteract the perception that a property will sell quickly in a hot market is to take the right steps before putting the property on the market. “If the proper steps aren’t taken, the first place it’ll show is in the offers that come in,” states Susan. In fact, regardless of the price range, if an agent hasn’t paid attention to the details, it will be apparent in the sale price. "The bottom line is that selling a property is more than just putting a sign out." That’s why their customer service based approach to real estate has helped them grow their business immensely. “As a service concierge, our job is to be the logistics manager while serving our clients’ needs. We want to be the one call our client makes to coordinate all the inevitable obstacles that come with the sale or purchase of a property,” states Vicki.

“Having a team of us can be a huge relief for clients. They feel the sense of security that comes with having more than one person to rely on when issues come up,” says Susan. Overcoming challenges together for the betterment of the client is one of many elements that have gone a long way to pave the road to a strong, dependable relationship.

Being part of a team also inspires new ideas and encourages a back and forth camaraderie that has only deepened with time. “Bouncing ideas off of each other to tweaking the outcome in favour of our clients is an element that is essential to our process,” says Susan.

“We share a very similar philosophy when it comes to real estate,” says Vicki. “As an agent, you are always auditioning for your next job through your current listings.” According to the ladies, when a property goes on the market, people come by and see it and naturally evaluate what you do and how you do it.

This continuously leads them to finding new and innovative ways to making every client’s experience a unique personalized service. “One of Susan’s strongest suits is being upfront with all parties to let them know what they are getting into. Honesty is always the best policy. Clients will always come back to work with the agent who lays it all out on the table and presents the information in such a way that is truthful,” explains Vicki.

As for the meaning of success, it’s more than just a pay check to them. “Feeling like you achieved something at the end of each day is meaningful. Building a business with a focus on our clients needs is our goal,” they describe.

“In the end, working with people who want to see you succeed can really help build your self esteem,” smiles Susan. More importantly and in addition to a strong working relationship, they complement each other and most of all they get along.